Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coinffeine a web-based exchange?

No, Coinffeine is a desktop software you need to download and install on your computer.

Which platforms are supported?

Our first release support all major desktop platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Which countries will Coinffeine work in? Which currencies will it support?

The initial release of Coinffeine will provide support for OKPay as the payment processor to send and receive your local currency when performing exchanges, so anyone able to open an OKPay account will be able to use Coinffeine. Conversely, any currency supported by OKPay will also be supported by Coinffeine. We plan to add more payment processor options to ensure we reach the maximum number of people around the globe.

Do I need bitcoins to buy bitcoins?

Exchanges in Coinffeine are possible thanks to a deposit of a small amount of bitcoins that both the buyer and the seller must fulfill, so you will need a small amount of bitcoins to start buying bitcoins in Coinffeine. We are working on different bootstrapping strategies to enable people with no bitcoins to use Coinffeine without having to resort to other exchanges.

How can I contribute to the project?

Coinffeine is open source and we welcome contributions from the community. You can contribute by reporting bugs, reviewing documentation, providing feature ideas and submitting code to the project. Head over to the Contribute section for more info

Do you support crypto-currencies other than Bitcoin?

Our first release will be focused on bitcoin to fiat exchanges through the use of payment processors. Adding support for crypto-fiat or crypto-crypto exchanges for other crypto-currencies like Litecoin or Dogecoin is something we will explore once we have the bitcoin-fiat scenario fully implemented. However, if you are passionate about a specific crypto-currency and want to contribute code to make that happen, head over to the Contribute section